पूर्णियाँ विश्वविद्यालय
Purnea University


Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science is the scientific training ground for all graduate students at University. The Faculty of Science is also dedicated to the pursuit of high quality research, fostering economic development through cooperative research and technology transfer with the private sector. The Faculty of Science encompasses five academic departments.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The faculty makes a valuable contribution to this with research that has wide-ranging impacts on society, including the economy, health and welfare, culture, public policy and the environment. The Faculty of Social Sciences encompasses eight academic departments

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty's ambitions are visible in both its teaching and research. The Faculty offers a challenging study environment in which research and education are closely intertwined. The Faculty of Humanities encompasses eight academic departments

Faculty of Commerce

The Programme prepares students to succeed in their profession, imparting learning to them through real life exposure, case studies, role plays and other practical activities. Students are given rich training in soft skills and setting up own start-ups.The Faculty of Commerce encompasses one academic department i.e. Department of Commerce.