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Purnea University - Directory
पूर्णियाँ विश्वविद्यालय
Purnea University


Staff Directory of Purnea University
SL. Designation Name  Email Contact NO
1 Vice-Chancellor Prof. R. N. Yadava  
2 Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. R.N.Yadava


3 Financial Advisor Sri Indra Kumar 9471006940
4 DSW Prof. P. K. Jha 9431077111
5 Proctor Sri D.K. Jha 7004399165
6 CCDC Dr. S.N. Suman 9430277848
7 Registrar

Dr. R.N. Ojha 06454-223226
8 Inspector of Colleges (Arts & Commerce) Dr. J.P.N Vikartan 9304583620
9 Inspector of Colleges (Science) Dr. Akarmullah Khan 8271148217
10 Finance Officer Sri Durga Prasad Mandal 94712294657
11 Controller of Examination Sri  Binay Kumar Singh 9431869186
12 Estate officer Dr.Patwari yadav 99470023117
13 Dean, Science Dr.S.N.Mahto  
14 Dean, Humanities&PRO Prof. G.K. Jha 9431607333
15 Dean, Social Science Prof. P.K. Jha 9934651301
16 Dean, Commerce Dr. T. N. Jha 9431285088
18 Deputy Registrar (Academic) Dr. Manoj Kumar 8210906197
19 Deputy Registrar (Legal)      
20 Deputy Registrar (Registration) Sri.Suresh Mandal 9934259784
21 HOD, Physics Sri Dilip Kumar Jha 7004399165
22 HOD, Geography Dr. Ramadhar Jha 9471677880
23 HOD, Hindi Dr. Surendra Narayan Yadav 9430031563
24 HOD, Bengla Dr. Mandira Dutta 9570141511
25 HOD, Maithili Prof. Gouri Kant Jha 9431607333
26 HOD, Zoology Sri. Suman Kumar Jha 9110913804
27 HOD, Sociology Dr. Binu Pathak 9431625876
28 HOD, Home Science Dr. Tuhina Vijay 9934259403
29 HOD, Botany Dr. Sabbir Hussain 9431284472
30 HOD, Economics Dr.M. N. Chaudhury 9504753350
  HOD, Psychology Dr. Syed Sajjad Haider 9431669786
  HOD, Philosophy Mrs.Vijaya Rani 9122148111
  HOD, Chemistry Dr. S.N.Mahto  
  Nodal Officer OFSS, Entrance Exams, Sports Dr. Navneet Kumar 9971119814
  Nodal Officer B.ED 7549371199
  Inspector of colleges (Arts&Commerce) Dr. J.P.N Vikartan   9304583620
  Inspector of colleges (Science) Dr.Sanjiv Kumar.Singh 9470884049
  Nodal Officer,Anti Ragging Dr. M.N. Chaudhary 9504753350
  Principal, Purnea College,Purnea Prof. Mithilesh Mishra(I/C) 8002850355
  Principal, Purnea Mahila Mahavidyalya Dr. Rita Sinha 9334780262
  Principal, M.L. Arya College Kasba, Purnea Dr. Md.Kamal 9523511961
  Principal, G.L.M College, Banmankhi, Purnea Dr. Anant Gupta(Prof.In-Charge) 7979032445
  Principal, R.L. College, Madhavnagar, Purnia Dr. Dipali Mandal 9006724086
  Principal, D.S College, Katihar Prof. A.K. Singh(I/C) 9430039970
  Principal, MJMM College, Katihar Dr.Ramesh Kumar Singh(I/C) 9473073652
  Principal, RDS College, Salmari Dr.Sanjay Kumar Singh 6200974731
  Principal, K.B. Jha College, Katihar Dr. R.S.Mishra(I/C) 9431867493
  Principal, Forbesganj College, Forbesganj Dr.Pawan Kumar Mallik(I/C) 9122965233
  Principal, Araria College, Araria Dr. Md. Rauf(I/C) 9661699606
  Principal, Marwari College, Kishanganj Dr. Surendra Ramanand(I/C) 9709843808, 06456222587
  Principal, Nehru College, Bahadurganj Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 9334825164
  Principal, Alsams Millia College MD. Raquib 8002019615
  Principal, Peoples College, Araria MD. Mahfooz Alam 9162064175
  Principal, Ratan Kali Shah College Sri BK Nayak 9431267407
  Principal, M.H.A.N.D. College, Thakurganj MD. Muzammil Haque 7070056137
  Principal, B.M.T Law College Sri Ashutosh Thakur 9199470443
  Principal, M.F.A.A. B.ED. College, Rambagh Mrs. Shampa Sinha 9304253003
  Principal, Swadeshi B.ED. College, Maranga MD. AZ Rarullah 8409332013
  Principal, M.I.T. College, Rambagh Dr. Neeraj Priyadarshi 9334902320
  Principal, Surya Dev Law College, Katihar Sri Raj Kumar Gupta 7549539180
  Principal, D.S.College(B.ED. Department) Dr. A.K. Singh 9430039970
  Principal, Katihar Medical College Dr. N.K.Yadav 6452249101
  Principal, S.M.B.ED. College, Rampara,Katihar Dr. R.N Awasthi 9219251965
  Principal, Kitahar B.ED. Training College, Sirsa, Katihar Dr. MD. Bahiruddin 9431402575
  Principal, K.S.T.T College, Nista, Dadwa, Katihar Dr. A.K. Singh 9430422594
  Principal, Forbesganj B.ED. College, Forbesganj  
  Principal, C.K.M. Law College, Araria Sri Arjun Acharya
  Principal, M.G.M. Medical College, Kishanganj Dr. K.L. Talukdar 9435545919
  Principal, K.C.E.T. College, Kishanganj Amod Thakur/Dr. Imam
  Principal, S.N.S.Y. Degree College, Rambagh Dr. Shyama Nand 9934276338
  Principal, N.D.College, Rambagh Dr. Javed Ahmad 9572205208
  Principal, R.K.K. College,purnea Dr. Indra Nand Yadav 9771713509
  Principal, P.S. College, Harda Sri Shiv Kumar 9128550908
  Principal, B.N.C. College,  Dhamdha Sri Girish Kumar Singh 6200306844
  Principal, A.J. Mahila College, Banmankhi Sri Mahendra Roy

  Principal, Sitaram Chamaria, Degree College, katihar Sri Jaychand Prasad Shah 9430910079
  Principal, R.Y. Degree College, Manihari Sri Shankar Prasad Singh 9939625548
  Principal, B.M. Degree College, Barari Sri Murlidhar 9431895658
  Principal, Balrampur Degree College, Balrampur Shri Rameshwar Singh 7699439843
  Principal, B.D.College, Barsoi Shri Mukti Kamali 9431641195
  Principal, Y.N.P. Degree College, Raniganj Dr. Ashok Kumar Alok 9973893529
  Principal, K.D. College, Raniganj Dr. Jai Prakash Malik 9430687935
  Principal, J.D.S.S.M. College, Forbesganj Sri Ram Sundar Shah 9570304597
  Principal, M.L.D.P.K.Y College, Araria Sri Indu Kumar 9771238892
  Principal, Alsams Millia College MD. Raquib 8002019615
  Principal, Peoples College, Araria MD. Mahfooz Alam 9162064175
  Principal, Ratan Kali Shah College Sri B K Nayak


  Sport in charge Md.A.H.KHAN 6204592922