पूर्णियाँ विश्वविद्यालय
Purnea University

Future Courses

Faculty Of Science
S.N. Department Courses
1 Statistics M.Sc(Statistics), M.Sc(Bio-Statistics) and M.Sc (Agriculture Statistics)
2 Physics M.Sc (Physics), M.Sc (Nano-Technology) and M.Sc (Nano-Biotechnology)
3 Geology M.Sc (Geology)
4 Geography M.Sc (Geography) and M.Sc (GIS)
5 Biochemistry M.Sc (Biochemistry)
6 Microbiology M.Sc (Basic Microbiology) and M.Sc(Applied and Industrial Microbiology)
7 Zoology M.Sc (Zoology) and M.Sc (Molecular Biology and Human Genetics)
Faculty Of Art & Humanities
S.N. Department Courses
1 Indian Languages MA (Indian languages)
2 Foreign Languages MA(Chinese), MA(Japanese), MA(Spanish), MA(German) and MA(French)
3 A.I.H.C. and Archaeology MA (A.I.H.C. and Archaeology)
4 Journalism and Mass Communication MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) and MA (Advertising and Public Relation)
5 Philosophy and Religion MA (Philosophy), MA(Hindu Religion), MA (Christianity) and MA (Islamism)
6 Library and Information Science M.Sc (Library Science) and M.Sc (Information Science)
Faculty Of Biotechnology
S.N. Department Courses
1 Genomics M.Sc (Genomics)
2 Bioinformatics M.Sc (Bioinformatics)
3 Molecular Biology and Genetics M.Sc (Plant Biotechnology), M.Sc (Biotechnology) and M.Sc (Animal Biotechnology)
4 Genetic Disorder M.Sc (Human Genetics & Disorder)
5 Tissue culture and Micro propagation M.Sc (In situ conservation and Micro-propagation)
6 Genetics and Cytogenetic M.Sc (Genetics), M.Sc (Cytogenetic) and Integrated B.Tech-cum M.Tech (Biotechnology)
7 Molecular Breeding M.Sc (Molecular Breeding) and M.Sc (Molecular Animal Breeding)
Faculty Of Environment and Applied Agriculture
S.N. Department Courses
1 Environmental Science and Technology M.Sc (Environmental Science and Technology)
2 Water and Food M.Sc (Water and flood Management)
3 Food Science and Technology M.Sc (Food Science and Technology)
4 Fisheries M.Sc (Fisheries)
5 Horticulture and Landscape M.Sc (Horticulture and Landscape)
6 Forest, Climate Change, Metrology M.Sc (Forest) and M.Sc. (Metrology and Climate Change)
7 Rural-Agriculture Development and Management M.B.A. (Agribusiness Management) and PG D (Rural Development and Management)
8 Animal Science and Poultry Management M.Sc (Animal Science) and M.Sc. (Poultry Science)
Faculty Of Management & Commerce
S.N. Department Courses
1 Accounting Master of Professional Accounting
2 Business Administration Integrated BBA-MBA and MBA
3 Business Economics M.Sc (Business Economics)
4 Decision Science PGD in Decision Sciences
5 Entrepreneurship Master in entrepreneurship and Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management
6 Commerce M.Com., Integrated B.Com cum M.Com Company and Secretary (Executive Capital Market & Market Law)
7 Finance MSC (Finances) and MSc (Business Finances)
8 Agriculture and Rural Management M.B.A (Agribusiness Management) and PGD (Rural Development and Management)
9 International Business MBA (International Business)
10 Estate Management and Valuation M.Sc (Real Estate Management and Valuation)
11 Human Recourses Management MBA (HRM)
12 Information Management System MSc in MIS
13 Marketing Management PG Diploma in Marketing Management and Diploma in Marketing Management
14 Public Administration PG Diploma in Public Administration
15 Hotel Management and Catering MBA (Hotel Management)
16 Banking and Finance MBA (Banking and Finance)
Faculty Of Education, Sports & Vocational courses
S.N. Department Courses
1 Education M.Ed. Integrated B.Ed. cum M.Ed.
2 Teachers Education MA in Teachers Education
3 Territory Education Several skill courses after secondary education
4 Physical Education M.P.Ed.; Integrated B.P.Ed. & M.P.Ed.; Master in Sports Medicine
Faculty Of LAW
LL.M., Integrated L.L.B.-L.L.M., Integrated B.A.-L.L.M., PGD IPR and Law
Faculty Of Engineering Science and Technology
S.N. Department Courses
1 Computer Science B.Tech, M.Tech (Computer Science), MCA, BCA and BSc-cum-MCA
2 Electronic & Telecommunication B.Tech, M.Tech (Electronic & Telecommunication)
3 Civil Engineering B.Tech and M.Tech (Civil Engineering)
4 Electrical Engineering B.Tech and M.Tech (Electrical Engineering)
5 Mechanical Engineering B.Tech and M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
6 Chemical Engineering B.Tech and M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)
Faculty Of Medicine, Nursing and Ayurvedic Science
S.N. Department Courses
1 Medicine M.Sc. (Community Medicine), M.Sc. (Tele Medicine) and PGD (Hospital Management)
2 Nursing B.Sc. (Nursing Management) and M.Sc. (Nursing Management)
3 Ayurveda Masters in Ayurveda